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There are plenty of ways to learn more about your health. Our Healthy For Life educational resources are designed to support the entire campus community and connect us all to a healthy lifestyle.

Food Services at the University of Calgary operated by Aramark

Welcome to the Food Services Website! Dining on campus is a quintessential part of the overall university experience! Check out our dining locations to see all the wonderful options we offer!

Food Services at the University of Calgary operated by Aramark

Welcome to Aramark at the University of Calgary! We are pleased to offer a wide variety of choice to suit every taste or dietary need. We source locally where ever we can and incorporate healthy spins on classic dishes. Visit one of our 11 locations today!

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Healthy Kitchen
The Grill
Field of Greens Smoothie Bar
Pan Fusion
The Deli Express

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Fresh made smoothies!

Fresh made smoothies!

Try our new cool & refreshing smoothies at made! Choose from four healthy and delicious flavours today:

Vegan Carrot Smoothie
Carrots, ginger, pineapple, oranges and dates blended together in delicious vegan harmony!

Tropical Smoothie
Take a vacation with the perfect blend of Greek yogurt, pineapple, fresh banana and orange.

Berry Smoothie
A mixture of Greek yogurt, blueberries, raspberries,
skim milk and a fresh banana peeled just for you!

Vegan Greens Smoothie
Looks are deceiving! Try this healthy deep green blend of fresh spinach, kale, orange, banana and pear.