Get the Good Stuff™

Get the Good Stuff

With life moving a mile a minute, being able to find good food that’s good for you is more important than ever. That’s why we created our Get the Good Stuff™ label. It’s simple. To find healthier and more sustainability sourced choices, just look for the logo!

The Get the Good Stuff™  logo makes better-for-you choices easy to spot. If you want fewer calories, less sodium, more colourful veggies or whole grain selections — just look for the logo. It's an easy way to find the food that can help you be HEALTHY FOR LIFE™. If only everything in life were this easy! 

Look for the Get the Good Stuff™ logo in our participating locations for options that fit many of the following criteria:

    500 or less for an entrée
    300 or less for a side, soup, snack, or dessert
    No more than 15% calories from saturated fats
    No artificial trans fats
    960mg or less for a sandwich
    720mg or less for an entrée
    480mg or less for a side, soup, snack or dessert

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