Standard Hours

  • Breakfast
    • Mon - Fri7:00AM - 10:30AM
    • Sat - Sun8:00AM - 10:30AM
  • Lunch
    • Mon - Sun11:00AM - 3:00PM
  • Dinner
    • Mon - Fri4:00PM - 11:00PM
    • Sat - Sun4:00PM - 9:00PM

The Landing offers a variety of fresh meals to meet the needs of all students: from health conscious to on-the go student. The AYCTE (All-You-Care-To-Eat) offers scratch made dishes, ensuring we use fresh and local ingredients wherever possible and by making sure our students' needs for Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan, and non Gluten ingredients options are met.

Whether on a 7 or 5 day meal plan, or 250 or 120 swipe plan or just pay at the door - there are fresh nutritious meals for everyone, providing great value and convenience.

The Landing is open 7 days a week & is open to the public! 

Door Rates: Breakfast $11 +GST  |  Lunch $14 +GST | Dinner $17.49 +GST

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