Buy a plan today to save money when eating on campus and make your life easier!
7 Day Plan $5,025.00
  • 7 Day Plan

  • $5,025.00
Get delicious meals covered for every day of the week with this great plan for those looking to save the stress on meal prep and planning.
5 Day Plan $4,043.00
  • 5 Day Plan

  • $4,043.00
Get your meals covered during the week (Monday through Friday) with the opportunity to leave on the weekends and explore the city eats.
250 Entries/ Swipes $2,870.00
  • 250 Entries/ Swipes

  • $2,870.00
A great option if you ordinarily cook but have days where you want to take it easy and have a culinary team to cook for you.
120 Entries/ Swipes $1,507.00
  • 120 Entries/ Swipes

  • $1,507.00
Not looking for as much meal support but still have days when you don't want to cook? Take advantage of this lower cost plan and enjoy fun events and offers available in the Landing.

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